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The New Look launches an endurance bike - 765 Optimum designed to maximise comfort and efficiency

The New Look launches an endurance bike - 765 Optimum designed to maximise comfort and efficiency

December 12, 2022

The Look launched an endurance road bike -765 Optimum using an "ultra-high strength carbon compound" and new "endurance-optimised geometry". new bike has 34mm tyres clearance, a threaded bottom bracket shell and mudguard mounts.Look claims the new bike will damp vibrations more effectively than before and will maximise comfort and efficiency.

Look says the new 765 Optimum is lightweight with frame and fork weights from 1400g. This bike has been "fully redesigned from the ground up", offering a less aggressive rider fit than previous models. They claim this will make it more comfortable on longer rides and rougher roads, and suitable for year-round use.

This re-designed French bike uses a new design which combines several carbon fibres and weaves using Look's 3D Wave technology. Look claims this "ultra-high strength carbon compound and endurance-specific carbon layup" will damp vibrations more efficiently than previous materials, offering a compromise between rigidity and flexibility.

Endurance-specific frame

The New Look launches an endurance bike - 765 Optimum designed to maximise comfort and efficiency

1,‘3D wave’ carbon

The new 765 Optimum frameset uses Look’s ‘3D wave’ carbon tubes which they claim are 20% more compliant than those of the previous model.

2,Trek Madone SL.T47 bottom brackets

This bike also features a threaded T47 bottom bracket which we saw as an update in this year's Trek Madone SL.T47 bottom brackets allow bike manufacturers to make a wide bottom bracket shell providing plenty of stiffness and are said to allow easy integration through the bottom bracket area for hoses. LOOK says, "the T47 bottom bracket ensures a light, reliable, and ultra- efficient power transfer system."

The frameset is also said to be constructed from an “endurance-specific” carbon layup. This is, once again, claimed to dampen vibrations, improving comfort.

3, 34mm tyres clearance and recessed mudguard mounts

The new Optimum 765 has clearance for tyres up to 34mm wide and also features recessed mudguard mounts. The bike is only compatible with Look’s own mudguards, which will be available in early 2023.

Cables and hoses are internally-routed, passing through a channel on the underside of the stem and handlebars before routing through the upper headset bearing. The bike uses a threaded T47 bottom bracket shell.

4, integrated cable routing system

integrated cable routing system for Look 765 Optimum

There is an integrated cable routing system where the cables enter the frame below the handlebar. The stem and bars can be removed without disconnecting the hydraulic brake hoses.

5,Five complete bike builds

The 756 Optimum is available in five different sizes from x-small to x-large, with five complete bike builds including both mechanical and electronic shifting

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