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More than 10 years’ experience in carbon rims developing and manufacturing. * More than 3,000M² plant area. * 50+ total staff, including 6 engineers, 40+ well-trained workers.

-Specialized in frames,frame sets,forks,rims -Enlarge the E-bike factory and invest 100 million to develop E-BIKE frame sets. -More than 30 R&D staffs including invite Italy engineer to design new moulding -More than 17 years’ experience in carbon frames developing and manufacturing -More than 30,000M² plant area in 2 factories -Have the test room with the same lever of French Look test lab .  -Follow the equipment and implements under the Standard of GB-12741-1991,IS04210
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  • Pinarello published the lightest mid-drive E-bike
    Pinarello published the lightest mid-drive E-bike

    Pinarello has launched a new Nytro line of electric road bikes designed around TQ's HPR50 motor system. Nytro offers both e-road and e-gravel options, as well as an All-Road model with flat bars. Nytro and Nytro Gravel have different frame designs, and Nytro All-Road uses the same frame as Gravel. TQ's HPR50 motor and battery is said to be one of the quietest and most compact electric power assist systems on the market, and a growing number of bike brands have developed adaptations for the system, including Trek, Scott, BMC and Simplon. The HPR50 can provide up to 50Nm of torque and up to 300W of auxiliary power. The lightest mid-range electric road bike on the market According to Pinarello, the Nytro E9 is the lightest mid-range electric road bike on the market, weighing only 11.4kg with a size of 53cm. In comparison, the Scott Solace eRide 10 weighs closer to 11.8kg, but no specific dimensions. Trek's Domane+ SLR 9 eTap is heavier, with a claimed weight of 12.15kg in size 56. Both the Nytro and Nytro Gravel E9 and E7 frames are built with Toray T900 carbon fiber, which Pinarello describes as "extreme in terms of stiffness and shock absorption." The E5 series is made of Toray T700 carbon fiber material, which is slightly heavier, but it is said to be equally comfortable. Xiamen Tour de Cycling Industry&Trade Co.,Ltd. has 150 million square meters plant to supply E BIKE carbon frames OEM service in China.and have 16 years experience to produce all range of carbon frames types. According to Pinarello, the Nytro's frame weighs just 1130g, but no specific dimensions were mentioned, while the Nytro Gravel is slightly heavier at 1250g. The Nytro fork weighs 440g in the unpainted state, but again without mentioning the size and reserved steerer length, the Nytro Gravel fork weighs 460g. The headline act is the Nytro E-Road, which comes in three flavours (E9, E7, and E5). All feature electronic Shimano groupsets, cascading from Dura-Ace, through Ultegra, to 105. Only the E7 comes in two colours, with the E5 and E9 in one option only. All can fit 32mm tyres, and wheelsets range from Princeton Grit at the top end, to Fulcrum Racing 800 at the 105 level. The gravel models, which feature a different geometry and space for 50mm tyres, all feature 1x Sram groupsets. Red for the E9, Force for the E7, and Rival for the E5, with a similar wheel lineup from Princeton through to Fulcrum Rapid Reds. There is also the Nytro Allroad model, which shares the same geometry as the Nytro Gravel but comes with flat bars, mudguards, a pannier rack, and an 11sp Deore drivetrain. Aerodynamic improvements Pinarello also made aerodynamic improvements to the Nytro, and says that the headtube, downtube and chainstays have been specifically optimized. Pinarello even uses a different seatstay design on the Nytro and Gravel models. They said: Nytro's seatstay design is inspired by the F series, while Nytro Gravel's design is inspired by the X series of endurance models. Of cours...

    March 21. 2023
  • Audi unveils e-MTB electric mountain bike
    Audi unveils e-MTB electric mountain bike

    Audi recently teamed up with Italian company Fantic to launch an electric mountain bike e-MTB inspired by the off-road vehicle RS Q e-tron that participated in the Dakar Rally. This electric mountain bike uses a 250W, 36V S-MAG engine with a maximum torque of 90Nm. In addition to the non-assist mode, the bike can be switched between four modes of Eco and BOOST, and the cruising range is between 30 and 95 miles. between. The e-MTB is equipped with full carbon fiber frame,a 720Wh, 36V Fantic Integra battery pack, features a 180mm Öhlins full suspension system, Braking IN.CA.S disc brakes, Öhlins forks and shocks, and Öhlins for the chain, shifter and Sram components for derailleurs, Vittoria tires and Sella Italia saddle.

    March 20. 2023
  • The Netherlands will hit a new high in bicycle sales in 2022, with electric bicycles accounting for more than 57%
    The Netherlands will hit a new high in bicycle sales in 2022, with electric bicycles accounting for more than 57%

    In 2022, the sales of electric bicycles in the Netherlands will hit a new high of 855,000 bicycles, of which electric bicycles account for more than 57%, and profits account for nearly 80% of the bicycle market. At present, the proportion of electric bicycles in the entire sales will show an upward trend.According to statistics, a total of 486,000 electric bicycles will be sold in the Netherlands in 2022, including city bicycles, cargo bicycles and high-speed electric bicycles. Bicycle sales totaled more than 1.5 billion euros. Because the proportion of electric bicycles has increased, the average price of bicycles has also increased by 9% to 1772 euros. In the fast-growing European and American regions, electric bicycles have gradually replaced the bicycle market and become the "new darling" of people's transportation. All countries are encouraging people to use low-carbon travel methods such as electric bicycles or electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions. Europe has even issued the "Pan-European Bicycle Travel Master Plan" to promote the transformation of transportation to zero emissions. Compared with traditional bicycles, electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular. The electric bicycle market has achieved substantial growth. Between 2019 and 2021, annual sales of electric bicycles will increase by 240%, which is four times the growth rate of traditional bicycle sales, and its growth momentum remains strong. Among short-distance travel methods, electric bicycles are the largest Global trend, electric bicycles have become a new species in terms of speed, cost performance, low-carbon environmental protection, etc., and the future development space will also become larger and larger. The substantial growth of the electric bicycle market will further drive the sales of bicycle parts,  This is a big opportunity for Chinese Bicycle components factory,such as electric bike frames, e bicycle rims, wheel sets, etc. Xiamen Tour de Cycling Industry&Trade Co.,Ltd has 16 years experience on e bike carbon frames with a 150 million square meters plant .We have professional designs and mature workers to supply all kinds of OEM service for Road e bike carbon frames,MTB e bike carbon frames and gravel e bike carbon frames. welcome to contact us to design your own brand e bike carbon frames.

    March 14. 2023
  • The 31st Eurobike Exhibition will be held at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center from July 3rd to 7th, 2024
    The 31st Eurobike Exhibition will be held at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center from July 3rd to 7th, 2024

    The European Bicycle Show (Eurobike) officially announced that the 31st edition of the show will be held at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center from July 3 to 7, 2024. Like the 2023 show (June 21-25), the first three days of the 2024 show will still be International Trade Days, with the final day being open to the public and featuring bike festivals, races and test rides for the public. Stefan Reisinger, managing director of fairnamic, the organizer, said: "The European exhibition is growing. Although it was suspended for a year due to the impact of the epidemic, it can be seen from last year's exhibition that the data is developing well. Our task is to provide international bicycle companies and the light electric vehicle industry to provide direction and reliable planning. 2024 will be a sports year, including major sports events such as the Paris Olympic Games or the German European Football Championship will meet with you as scheduled. Therefore, the venue must be considered when holding the exhibition availability, and to avoid timing conflicts." XIAMEN TOUR DE CYCLING INDUSTRY&TRADE CO.,LTD.will plan to attend 2024 Enrobike to show customers more new design carbon fiber frames . let's wait and expire its coming.

    March 13. 2023
  • Schwalbe started making bicycle tires that were completely enriched with recycled rCB
    Schwalbe started making bicycle tires that were completely enriched with recycled rCB

    According to the European Rubber Journal: Schwalbe, the German manufacturer of bicycle tyres, has announced that it has started production of its first "new series" tyres using Pyrum Innovations AG recycled carbon black (rCB). The rCB was derived from the pyrolysis of waste bicycle tires. The bicycle tires are collected by Schwalbe through its "Waste Tire Recycling system" from professional dealers all over Germany. The waste tyres are collected by a network of dealers in specially made recycling bins, which are then collected and shipped to partner Pyrum in Dillingen, Saarland, Germany. There, Pyrum, a waste tyre pyrolysis company, uses a holistic recycling process to treat waste tyres. According to Schwalbe, the pyrolysis recovery process can reduce CO2 emissions by 80 percent compared to traditional incineration. Schwalbe reports: "The first cycle tyres made entirely of rCB instead of industrial carbon black are in production. rCB tires will be available in stores in June. Schwalbe claims to be the first manufacturer in the world to take scrap tyres and use them to make new ones. According to the report, this result was achieved on the basis of long-term cooperation and joint research between Schwalbe, Pyrum and the Cologne University of Technology. The family-owned company now aims to expand production of bicycle tyres containing rCB and is conducting "in-depth research" into its rubber formula. Since its launch in early 2022, more than 1,600 retailers have joined the German waste bike tyre recycling programme, recycling around 400,000 tyres.

    March 07. 2023
  • XM Tourdecycling Published New Gravel Carbon Frames TDC-GR53 and TDC-GR54
    XM Tourdecycling Published New Gravel Carbon Frames TDC-GR53 and TDC-GR54

    Xiamen Tour de Cycling Industry&Trade Co.,Ltd. published new design of gravel carbon frames recently, they named TDC-GR53 and TDC-GR54. It's a more geometry friendly gravel frame with more tire clearance.The frame uses a thin, soft Toray weave combined with carbon fiber material to create a new carbon fiber frame. The weighs is about 1.1kg in size M while citing mainstream designs for gravel bikes. We used full internal routing design with 700*45C tire. The rest of the frame uses flat-mount disc brake mounts, new BB T47 bottom bracket and a 27.2mm round seatpost. The geometry of our 2 gravel frames is more endurance oriented.These two gravel frames has a longer wheelbase and 425mm chainstays for an easier and more stable overall ride.But the stack height and reach of the frame are basically the same as the our other carbon road frames. Furthermore,these new frames take the T47 bottom brackets, which can replace the Shimano brackets and be more option for riders or bike distributors. Both frames are almost same except the distance from rear to BB center, see below red words in chart. TDC-GR53 and TDC-GR54 frame geometry as below: TDC-GR53 : SIZE(MM) 460 480 510 535 560 STACK 534 550 566 585 613 REACH 372 382 387 390 402 HEAD TUBE ANGLE 71 71.5 72 72 72 HEAD TUBE LENGTH 100 115 130 150 180 SEAT TUBE ANGLE 74.5 74 73.5 73 73 SEAT TUBE LENGTH 460 480 510 535 560 TOP TUBE LENGTH 520 540 555 570 590 BB DROP 76 76 76 76 76 REAR TO BB CENTER 425 425 425 425 425 FORK TO BB CENTER 590 600 606 615 636 FORK BUILT HEIGHT 402 402 402 402 402 FORK RAKE 52 52 52 52 52 WHEEL BASE 1003 1014 1019 1029 1050 TDC-GR54 SIZE(MM) 460 480 510 535 560 STACK 534 550 566 585 613 REACH 372 382 387 390 402 HEAD TUBE ANGLE 71 71.5 72 72 72 HEAD TUBE LENGTH 100 115 130 150 180 SEAT TUBE ANGLE 74.5 74 73.5 73 73 SEAT TUBE LENGTH 460 480 510 535 560 TOP TUBE LENGTH 520 540 555 570 590 BB DROP 76 76 76 76 76 REAR TO BB CENTER 435 435 435 435 435 FORK TO BB CENTER 590 600 606 615 636 FORK BUILT HEIGHT 402 402 402 402 402 FORK RAKE 52 52 52 52 52 WHEEL BASE 1003 1014 1019 1029 1050 TDC-GR53 gravel frame appearance TDC-GR53 and TDC-GR54 frame appearance

    March 06. 2023
  • DAHON Attended the 2023 E-bike Xperience Exhibition in the Netherlands
    DAHON Attended the 2023 E-bike Xperience Exhibition in the Netherlands

    On February 24-26, 2023, Dutch time, the E-bike Xperience exhibition hosted by the Dutch Jaarbeurs Exhibition Company and the Dutch HolcusBuitenBV Association was held in Jaarbeurs, Utrecht, the Netherlands. E-Bike Xperience is an important electric bicycle experience exhibition in the Netherlands and Europe. Mainly showcasing different kinds of e-bikes and e-bike accessories and showcasing all the products and services within the industry under one roof. It aims to provide an important platform for exhibitors and visitors, so that visitors can have the opportunity to talk face-to-face with exhibitors. As a well-known leading brand in the two-wheeler industry, DAHON participated in this year's E-bike Xperience exhibition, and exhibited Dahon CURL Ei4 folding electric bicycle at the exhibition. CURL Ei4 is a combination of stylish appearance and excellent performance, and it is also the most compact electric assist bicycle ever made by DAHON. This product has 11 patented technologies, front and rear 16-inch wheels, aluminum alloy body, with smart stopwatch, 36V/250W motor and 36V/7AH kettle-type battery power supply, long cruising range, one-button switch, power-assisted dual-mode switching at will , for premium user-friendly travel. In addition to the CURL Ei4, the live show lineup included these folding stars: the fast Unio E20, the rugged gravel rider the GB-2 Electric, the powerful K-ONE Mid-Motor, and the stylish Step-through Ciao E7.

    February 28. 2023
  • Gravel's new concept - comfortable!
    Gravel's new concept - comfortable!

    At the recent Polish Expo, we find an interesting gravel frames using the same frame as the SPECIALIZED concept. The traditional bottom bracket tube is canceled, the chainstay is connected to the down tube position instead, and the rear triangle is transformed into a rear diamond. It is equivalent to one more support point, reducing the vertical rigidity of the frame while maintaining the lateral rigidity, allowing the frame to release more feedback force from the road. A mudguard is also designed at the position of the front fork to prevent the calipers from entering the mud. In addition, the inverted spacer is retained at the fork foot position, and there are more comfortable geometry for the rider to choose. But suspiciously, there is no flat shape on the tube to provide comfort, perhaps this is also a brand of confidence in their own frame.

    February 27. 2023
  • How should the bicycle industry to do in front of 2023 bicycle market challenges?
    How should the bicycle industry to do in front of 2023 bicycle market challenges?

    A study by McKinsey, a leading sportswear firm, and WFSGI, the world sportswear industry federation, suggests that the sports industry is ready for 2023. As early as the end of 2022, a number of sports and cycling executives said that in addition to the immediate threats of rising operating costs and slumping demand, low consumer confidence and extended operational problems would be headwinds for the overall market. In an era of supply chain disruptions, more companies are likely to turn to nearshore outsourcing as an element of risk reduction and supply chain acceleration strategies, according to the report. In response to these developments, many companies are seeking to increase productivity and find the right balance between savings and investment by raising retail prices, which will allow more flexibility in their operations. Steady growth in 2022 In a way, the sports goods industry, especially the bicycle industry, is actually very lucky. Compared with other industries, in the past two years, under the impact of the epidemic, it still maintained steady growth, and many enterprises even significantly exceeded the level before the epidemic. In the second half of the year, geopolitical instability (the war between Ukraine and Russia) and inflation darkened the outlook for the global economy, which immediately constrained the company's overall operating budget. The impact of these factors has indeed weakened industry performance, with US sales in major categories falling 4-8% from Q1 to Q3 2022 compared to 2021. Full with challenging 2023 In the first half of 2022, consumer confidence has grown significantly, the impact of the epidemic has eased the relative restrictions in the market, and the supply chain has actively put into production to meet the demand. In order to avoid a repeat of the supply chain shortage in 2021, major industries continued to place orders regardless of the consequences, resulting in significant growth in the overall performance in the first half of the year. However, the effects of the Ukraina-Russia war exacerbated inflation, and the soaring cost of raw materials and energy forced companies to raise end-price prices. At the same time, consumer confidence is even weaker, with consumer discretionary spending falling significantly in the second half of 2022 and the intention to buy sports goods upside down by 40 percent, according to the study. At first glance, the supply chain appears to have returned to its previous state, but a sudden increase in alternative products in destination countries and a decline in consumer demand have led to severe inventory overhang. 2023 Bicycle Development trend According to WFSGI and McKinsey, the overall economic environment will be challenging in 2023, with consumer demand remaining sluggish. There must be a holistic approach for the sports industry that focuses on increasing demand and building resilience. In the report, WFSGI puts forward three key themes that will influence the dev...

    February 21. 2023
  • SW Cannondale introduces the LAB71 line of top performance bikes
    SW Cannondale introduces the LAB71 line of top performance bikes

    Cannondale announced the LAB71 Class in Wilton, Connecticut, a new top-of-the line product that represents the highest craftsmanship of Cannondale and is the culmination of more than 50 years of driving innovation, performance and design. Using state-of-the-art materials and processes, combined with stunning paint finish and bikesefully selected parts, the LAB71 bicycle frame and complete bicycle are at the pinnacle of cycling performance and are the crown jewels of Cannondale's offerings. "LAB71 is a natural evolution for our company, and we've never stopped trying to get better," said Henning Schroeder, senior vice president of product development at Cannondale. LAB71 is the place for our engineers, designers and product managers to let their hair down and build the bike of their dreams. These bikes are the dreams of our sponsored riders and fans. We take our fastest and most innovative platform and perfect them with advanced materials, hand-selected parts, paint and detail, bringing out layers of beauty from every Angle." Cannondale has been challenging convention in the name of performance since 1971, and as such has been at the forefront of innovation in the cycling industry. From the aluminum alloy frame revolution that began in the Eighties, to wild, iconic road and mountain bikes, to crazy prototypes, and finally to legendary drivers and teams, Cannondale has constantly broken rules and changed the rules of the game, and innovation has always driven the industry. LAB71 hopes to continue that tradition. "The LAB71 series encapsulate the best of Cannondale," said Richard Prendeville, Cannondale's chief marketing officer. Every LAB71 product is refined in detail, which is all about delivering top-notch performance. Our designers and engineers know that behind every finish line there is a new starting line. LAB71 is where we see designers and engineers chasing the impossible, demonstrating their boundless passion for development and creation." The LAB71 will be available in Cannondale's performance road bikes, all-terrain road bikes, mountain bike, and electric assisted bicycles, with one of the models already on the field set to be announced on March 1, 2023.

    February 20. 2023
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