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SRAM Buys A German E-Bike Motor Manufacturer - Amprio

SRAM Buys A German E-Bike Motor Manufacturer - Amprio

January 16, 2023

SRAM has purchased EMTB BIKE Motor manufacturer Amprio

According toreports, SRAM has purchased Amprio, a German manufacturer of electric motors, displays, and batteries. Rumors about SRAM entering the eMTB world have been circulating since 2019, and last June we spotted what was more than likely a test mule for a new motor at the Tweed Valley EWS.

A large portion of SRAM's drivetrain development and engineering takes place in Schweinfurt, Germany, so the addition of Amprio's resources makes sense from a logistical standpoint. As for what SRAM's motor will look like when it's released, there still aren't any concrete details.

Amprio produces a made in Germany eBike motor system that has an established European servicing base. The system has got off to a slow start with OEMs, but with Sram’s network that could soon change. The Amprio research and development centre and test centres are based in Düsseldorf.

Alongside the drive unit, Amprio also delivers on a range of IP65 class batteries, as well a pair of display units with remote functionality. As is generally the case, the software links up with iOS and Android phones via Bluetooth, enabling the end user to fine tune functionality and pull up things like navigation.

Amprio's current motor, the RMAG, delivers 75 – 90 Nm of torque, and provides up to 420% of support at a weight of 2.85 kg. They also have multiple battery options, ranging from 500 to 710 Wh.

SRAM has a history of flirting with the electric bike motor and like its rival Shimano achieved long ago, a market entrance. Previously patent applications have been spotted, suggesting in-house development, but ultimately the group has opted to buy in the experience from an existing and proven systems maker.

Shimano, Bosch, and Brose are currently the most common options for full power eMTBs, with TQ and Fazua gaining ground in the lighter weight segment. It'll be interesting to see what SRAM's offering brings to the table to set them apart from the crowd when that time comes. 

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