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BMC’s new generation of aero road bike is named Teammachine R 01 to redefine competition

BMC’s new generation of aero road bike is named Teammachine R 01 to redefine competition

October 09, 2023

A new BMC car exposed at this year's Critérium du Dauphiné was officially released. It was previously speculated that this is the next generation Timemachine Road 01. (BMC’s new aerodynamic road car exposed, suspected to be the next generation Timemachine Road 01).

But I only guessed half of it right. This is indeed BMC’s new generation of aerodynamic road bike, but it is now called Teammachine R 01 and will sit side by side with the long-standing Teammachine SLR 01 (a ten-year change – BMC Teammachine SLR01). They are both BMC's top racing road cars, and no one will replace the other. This name change also means that BMC’s aerodynamic road bike has become more versatile. It can climb mountains and conquer the cobblestone roads of the Spring Classics.

Teammachine R embodies BMC’s vision of the future of race road racing – redefining what a race car can do and becoming an out-and-out race machine when every watt and every pedal counts. Of course, BMC has enough confidence, that is, in-depth cooperation with Red Bull Advanced Technologies (RBAT) to launch this new series of Teammachine R, which inherits F1 technology and is born for competition.

BMC is good at innovation, and after cooperating with RBAT, it took innovation to a new level. This is fully reflected in Teammachine R, and some designs have not been seen before. But before giving a full introduction to Teammachine R, let’s first understand the relationship (difference) between it and the existing Teammachine SLR.

Obviously, Teammachine R and Teammachine SLR are both born for competition. They are both versatile, but they still have their own advantages. Teammachine SLR has stronger climbing ability, while Teammachine R has better aerodynamics. Teammachine R is BMC’s fastest racing car and is more rigid and suitable for pursuing absolute speed, while Teammachine SLR is easier to conquer mountains and has better compliance, making it more suitable for a full day of riding. BMC believes that only two cars can meet all conditions. BX Jun believes that Teammachine R is a testing ground for new technologies and the product of cooperation with Red Bull, while Teammachine SLR is a natural iteration, and the fifth generation will also arrive as planned.

Teammachine R 01 using Red Bull F1 technology

Strategic partnership: Following the successful development of the recently launched Speedmachine, the partnership between BMC and 1 Red Bull Racing’s engineering arm: Red Bull Advanced Technologies RBAT continues.

The Winning Combination: The optimal balance of aerodynamics and power transfer combine to create a bike built purely for racing.

Brand new and exciting PoFeng design: not repeating the previous design; tearing everything down and starting over.

Aerodynamics: innovative features never seen before in a road racing car

POWER TRANSMISSION: The most efficient power transmission on the road developed by BMC

Rider Feel: The connection between rider and bike results in better predictability and handling, and more confidence when racing.

create speed

At the heart of BMC is the mission "Create Spped", which is lived out when riders from all over the world compete every day. Teammachine leads the Tour de France, the Olympics, the World Championships and all one-day classics. But what happens next? With a self-responsibility to continually innovate and push boundaries, BMC set out with one goal: to create the ultimate competition road bike.

“R” is for Racing

Taking their best performance bike, the Teammachine SLR, BMC teamed up with RBAT to take on the challenge of creating the ultimate race bike that perfectly combines weight, aerodynamics and power delivery. Forged in the mountains of the Swiss Alps, hardened on the cobbles of Carrefour de 'Arbre and perfected in the echelons of Grand Tours, the Teammachine R is a race road bike built for all stages, one bike to conquer them all .

ultralight weight aerodynamics

After countless hours analyzing the best carbon stack base to maintain lightweight response, the frame and fork are as light as 910 grams and 345 grams respectively, making the Teammachine R a 7.00kg (size 54, Teamachine R 01 LTD) aero A race weapon for all climbs.

Winning Partnership

A long-term strategic partnership has been established between BMC lmpec laboratories and RBAT to share engineering expertise and knowledge to challenge what is possible. Quality materials and structural simulations, computational fluid dynamics analysis and wind tunnel validation contribute to the production of the Teammachine R. Drawing on research from the F1 world and applying this cycling innovation, we have achieved unprecedented developments in the cycling world:

halo fork

The extra-wide parallel fork legs are unlike any other road bike in the lineup. When rolling at high speed, the front wheels will generate a lot of turbulent air. BMC increased the inner fork spacing to move turbulent air away from the frame and reduce air stalls. The result is cleaner, smoother airflow that stays in contact with the frame longer, significantly reducing drag.

Rigidity of important parts

Taking full advantage of the new UCI rules, the revised bottom bracket design optimizes surface area for cleaner, smoother airflow. In addition, the aerodynamic design shortens the distance between the frame and the rear wheel, helping to keep airflow attached to the rim rather than being separated by the tire. How is the result? Best power transmission created by BMC.

Reduce front-end area

The tube shape has been completely redesigned in key sections to reduce frontal wind area while still maintaining the perfect balance of stiffness and compliance.

Deeper horizontal tube shape

By extending the horizontal profile in key locations, the Teammachine R is able to handle a wider range of yaw angles more effectively.

Integrated water bottle cage

The proprietary water bottle cage on the Teammachine R actually makes the bike faster with a bottle attached.

Hidden hook design

Hidden hooks are tightly integrated with the bicycle frame and front fork to keep airflow simpler and smoother

Integrated race number plate holder

No detail was overlooked during the design process of Teammachine R, no matter how small. Specially designed race number plate holders are one example. This design innovation is seamlessly integrated into the seatpost without the use of glue or zip ties, embodying our commitment to aesthetics, functionality and racing.

Rider Feel

Like the recently launched Speedmachine, RBAT provides valuable insights into the concept of Driver Feel and how drivers connect with and feel about their cars in top-level motorsport. Applying this to cycling, BMC was able to delve deeper into Rider Feel and incorporate the idea that understanding how the bike reacts on the road can provide the rider with better predictability and handling, and ultimately Ride at high speeds with more confidence.

Stefan Christ, Head of R&D at BMC, commented: “Combining F1’s meticulous engineering approach with the cycling knowledge of BMC’s Impec labs is what we need to continue to push the boundaries and make this huge step forward exceptional.”

Rob Gray, Technical Director at RBAT, commented: “Working with BMC has taught us a huge amount about cycling and it’s fascinating to see the results of the sharing of knowledge between the two industries. On this project we have added a lot more than we normally would More CFD simulations under different conditions were performed. Adding more analysis points helped us delve into areas where performance improvement was critical, and we are very proud of the final results of Teammachine R.”

Raphael Meyer, CEO of Tudor Pro Cycling, commented: “At Tudor Pro Cycling we are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible when it comes to performance. Working with an innovative brand like BMC gives you the opportunity to test products during the development phase and influence the results, This is the advantage we value most. The riders who had the opportunity to test the new BMC Teammachine R and our Innovation Team are convinced of its performance. We have won two races with this bike and are confident it will help us win many more many.

Teammachine R 01 MOD clean frame (including ICS carbon fiber fully internal running integrated handlebars, D-shaped carbon fiber seat post)

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