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The Netherlands will hit a new high in bicycle sales in 2022, with electric bicycles accounting for more than 57%

The Netherlands will hit a new high in bicycle sales in 2022, with electric bicycles accounting for more than 57%

March 14, 2023

In 2022, the sales of electric bicycles in the Netherlands will hit a new high of 855,000 bicycles, of which electric bicycles account for more than 57%, and profits account for nearly 80% of the bicycle market. At present, the proportion of electric bicycles in the entire sales will show an upward trend.According to statistics, a total of 486,000 electric bicycles will be sold in the Netherlands in 2022, including city bicycles, cargo bicycles and high-speed electric bicycles. Bicycle sales totaled more than 1.5 billion euros. Because the proportion of electric bicycles has increased, the average price of bicycles has also increased by 9% to 1772 euros.

In the fast-growing European and American regions, electric bicycles have gradually replaced the bicycle market and become the "new darling" of people's transportation. All countries are encouraging people to use low-carbon travel methods such as electric bicycles or electric vehicles to reduce carbon emissions. Europe has even issued the "Pan-European Bicycle Travel Master Plan" to promote the transformation of transportation to zero emissions. Compared with traditional bicycles, electric bicycles are becoming more and more popular.

The electric bicycle market has achieved substantial growth. Between 2019 and 2021, annual sales of electric bicycles will increase by 240%, which is four times the growth rate of traditional bicycle sales, and its growth momentum remains strong. Among short-distance travel methods, electric bicycles are the largest Global trend, electric bicycles have become a new species in terms of speed, cost performance, low-carbon environmental protection, etc., and the future development space will also become larger and larger.

The substantial growth of the electric bicycle market will further drive the sales of bicycle parts,  This is a big opportunity for Chinese Bicycle components factory,such as electric bike frames, e bicycle rims, wheel sets, etc.

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