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Imported carbon fiber and Basalt fiber option

As we known, carbon fiber is the main material used in bike frames, forks and seat post. its advantage is well known by most of people.Carbon fiber has low density, high strength, high modulus, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, low resistance, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion, chemical radiation resistance and other excellent characteristics, in addition, but also has the flexibility and bringability of the fiber.

but there is another material can be used on bike frame, that is basalt fiber. Compare with carbon fiver basalt is much cheaper than carbon fiber. at the mean time, basalt fiber feature almost carbon fibers advantages,which can be best choice for leisure or normal life bicycle. 

Professor Verpoest of the Department of Composites at the University of Leaven in Belgium carried out a 

comparative study.He used epoxy impregnated e-glass and basalt untwisted roving to make a one-way prepreg, which was then pressed into laminate.A 135mmx15mm sample was cut from the plate and its thickness was measured, then a three-point bending test (ISO178) and ILSS test (IS014130) were performed to test its strength and stiffness.Verpoest reported that each sample had a fibre volume fraction of 40%, but the basalt fibre sample was measured to be 13.7% stronger and 17.5% stiffer than the E glass fibre sample, even though the basalt sample was 3.6% heavier than the E glass sample

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