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Decathlon launches LD 920E electric bike under B'twin brand

Decathlon launches LD 920E electric bike under B'twin brand

November 17, 2023

Decathlon launches its own brand B'twin LD 920E electric bicycle. This is Decathlon's significantly innovative electric bicycle that can achieve infinitely variable automatic transmission, thus bringing a comfortable and efficient riding experience.

The LD 920E is powered by a mid-mounted engine with the technical name "Owuru". This "intelligent motor" was developed in partnership with Belgian start-up E2 Drives, and according to the brand, the support it provides feels very natural. And the engine also has the ability to automatically shift gears. The motor uses five sensors and two electric motors to automatically adjust gears based on the terrain and rider strength, even making it easy to start from a standstill on an incline.

All B'twin products, as well as other Decathlon bicycle brands, are designed, developed and tested at Decathlon Bicycles' headquarters in B'twin Village in Lille, which guarantees the highest quality and comfort for cyclists. Decathlon first launched the LD 920E in the Netherlands. Rollouts in other parts of the world .

The Netherlands is the world's first batch of LD 920E electric bicycles that will be launched in cities such as Amsterdam, Breda and Arnhem, and more Decathlon stores will follow. The new e-bike will be launched globally in 2024.

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