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What Is The Perfect Emtb?

May 04 , 2023

Buying an electric mountain bike can be very difficult due to the ever-expanding range available.

We believe that ebikes should ride like any other bike. That means they should feel natural and fun, connecting you to the ride and freeing you from everything else in that way that only a bike can. An ebike should be a collection of high performance solutions which work together but fade into the background the minute you start to ride, leaving you free to focus on how much fun you are having.

There should be a very clear vision for ebikes regardless of what category they fit into. Performance is the most important thing. Ebikes should feel alive and natural, not numb or detached. Simplicity. All things being equal, simple solutions mean lower weight, improved reliability and better looking bikes. Pursuing clever solutions, and not always following the herd, allows us to improve range and performance and offer lighter, better handling bikes. This guide can help you to know how decide which e-mtb is for you.

good performance emtb bikes frame

What is an eMTB?

An eMTB is a mountain bike with an integrated motor that assists the rider when pedalling. It has no throttle, so if you don’t pedal, the motor doesn’t support you. In most countries, ebikes, also known as pedelecs or power-assisted bicycles, only provide motor assistance up to a certain speed limit in order to remain classified as a bicycle. That limit is 25 km/h in Europe and 32 km/h (20 mph) in North America. However, laws, terminology and systems of classification are diverse and in some countries like the USA they even vary between states.


As ebikes evolved and technology developed, it became clear that there was a need for different solutions to meet different rider needs.Some riders wanted lighter ebikes, with less assistance, while others wanted the maximum assistance possible. Lightweight ebikes typically offer the most agile handling while full power ebikes are usually more capable downhill.

Similar to non-electric MTB, e-MTBs come in similar setups depending on their intended use, that cover the trail, enduro, free ride and downhill of riding, so there’s a lot to choose from,but all you need to know now is that they’re all full-suspension e-MTBs.

Frames Material of E mtb bikes

BAFANG M500 M600 Mid-drive hardtail e mob carbon light weight frame

An important distinction between most bikes on the market is the frame material. The weight of the frame will be more of a consideration when buying an e-bike since most of the benefits of a lightweight frame can improve the whole bikes weight. Carbon e-mtbs frames can be very super light weight,stiffer and better performance. Due the carbon fiber technology more and more mature,the carbon frames price become more and more acceptable.

How much travel does E-MTB need?

As a general rule of thumb, the more travel an e-mtb has, the gnarlier the terrain you’ll be able to comfortably ride. Suspension acts as a dampener for rocks and roots, so the bigger the rocks you anticipate riding, the more travel you’ll need.

An E-MTB with 130 mm - 170 mm of travel makes it the perfect all-mountain bike, no matter what you might face during your ride. Any less than that and you’re into e-trekking territory, any more and it’s a gravity e-mtb designed for the toughest terrain out there.

What about e-bike maintenance costs?

As with traditional bikes, most of the moving parts will need replacing at some point. Wear and tear is to be expected and you should factor this into your budget if you have one. The chain, brake pads, cassette and chainring are your most likely and most frequent repair costs but fitting these new parts yourself can be quite easy.

Choosing the right e-mountain bike

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and you’re going to get an e-mtb? Great news! First of all you need to decide what style of mountain biking you intend to do:

Enduro E MTB

Enduro E MTB is the most basic type of mountain bike racing where the downhills are timed, and the uphills are mandatory but not timed. Riders are timed in stages that are primarily downhill, with neutral "transfer" stages in between.

This style of riding is such that you have to pedal yourself up to the top of the mountain but it’s all worth it for the sweet downhill descent where you can really test your technical skills.

Downhill E MTB

Usually associated with uplifts and high speed, technical descents, an E-MTB helps you cruise to the top of the trail and it’ll handle whatever you throw at it on the way back down.

When you’ve chosen your new bike, make sure you order the right size using our Perfect Positioning System.

The best E-MTB frames is one that makes you happy and we’re confident you’ll find the perfect super light weight E-MTB endurance carbon frameset on xmtourdecycling. Our friendly customer service and specilized and experienced deign team are happy to help with any further questions you may have. Welcome to your OEM frame project.

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