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The Main Factors To Consider Before Purchasing a Road Bike

November 08 , 2022

how to choose a road bike? what factors need to consider?

The road bike itself is lighter weight, with a great design and the fastest ride speed. Compared with mountain bikes and folding bikes, the comfort is relatively poor, the control is more difficult, and the requirements for the smoothness of the road surface are stricter.

Road bikes are mainly composed of framesets, wheel sets, and drive system. When purchasing road bikes, the brands, materials, and prices are the key factors to consider.

1)The road bike frame is the core structure of the bicycle, and it forms the "skeleton" of the bicycle with the seat, handlebars, etc.

2)Wheelset is the easiest to understand, including rims, tires, spokes, hubs, etc.

3)Drive system refers to the kit of bicycle shifting and braking system.

Road Bicycle Frame Material

Road bike Carbon fiber material frames

The material of the frame can be divided into steel frame, aluminum alloy frame, carbon fiber frame, titanium alloy frame.

Steel frame is the oldest frame material, and it is still used in family bikes, station wagons, etc until now. Titanium alloy frame has the advantages of fatigue resistance and strong comfort, but due to the high processing difficulty and high price, it is not very popular at the moment.Compared with steel frames and titanium alloy frames, aluminum alloy frames and carbon fiber frames are currently used in a wider range of applications. Whether it is a road bike or a mountain bike, a folding bike, or even a shared bicycle, aluminum alloy is the most mainstream frame material.Carbon fiber is the representative word for high-end frames. At present, most of the racing bicycles in the World Series all use carbon fiber frames.

Aluminum alloy frames and carbon fiber frames have their own advantages and disadvantages. The aluminum alloy frame has high cost performance and strong corrosion resistance, but the shock absorption effect is relatively poor. It is the first choice for beginners and ordinary enthusiasts. Carbon fiber frames are lighter, have better shock absorption, and are more comfortable, but may be damaged in some extreme environments, with high prices, high installation and maintenance costs, and are more common among high-level riders and professional riders.

The frame is the core structure of the bicycle.

Bicycle Shifting Systems

Road Bicycle Shifting Systems

Bicycle shifting systems are divided into manual (mechanical shifting) and electrical (electronic shifting).In layman's terms, the mechanical shifting relies on the finger dial, pulls the front derailleur and the rear derailleur through the shifting line, changes the lateral position of the chain, and switches to the crankset and flywheel with different gear ratios, so as to achieve the shifting speed effect. While the electronic shift dial can be understood as a button, which transmits commands to the front and rear dials in a wired or wireless manner.

The price of the manual shifting is lower, the operation feel is good, and the maintenance is relatively convenient, but compared with the electric shifting, the operation is more difficult and the accuracy is slightly insufficient. The electric shifting has excellent, stable and precise performance, and the operation is easier. Of course, the price of the electric changer is higher, the feel of the operation is not as good as that of the manual shifting, and you should pay attention to charging at any time.

Bike Braking systems

Road Bike Braking systems rim brakes or disc brakes

Bicycle brakes are divided into rim brakes and disc brakes.The rim brake completes the braking by rubbing the rim, the disc brake is by rubbing the disc brake rotor, and the disc brake can also be subdivided into the wire disc and the oil disc.The brake medium of the wire disc is the brake wire, and the brake medium of the oil disc is the brake oil. Both rim brakes and disc brakes have their own advantages. The former is light in weight, mature in technology and easy to maintain, while the latter has good braking performance and durability. Today’s mid-to-high-end models and racing bicycles have generally adopted oil discs.

Bicycle Wheelset

Wheel set mainly include rims, tires, and spokes. The material classification of the rim is similar to that of the frame. At present, aluminum wheels and carbon wheels are widely used. According to the different frame heights, they can be divided into low-frame, middle-frame, and high-frame rims. Tires can be divided into clincher tires, tubular tires, tubeless tires, etc. Different tires have different rolling resistance, grip, and puncture resistance. Depending on the presence or absence of spokes and the number of spokes, the use environment of the wheelset is also different.

Three steps to choose a road bike

1,Price, brand, appearance, after-sales service

When buying a bicycle, the price is naturally the primary factor. On this basis, it is recommended to choose brand bicycle. Appearance mainly depends on personal preferences. At the same time, try to choose brands with offline retail stores and official line stores to facilitate later bike maintenance and repair.

2,Frame Materials, Shift and Brake Kit system, Wheel Materials and Construction

If step 1 factors are the intuitive standard for purchasing a bicycle, then in order to further choose a high performance with low price bicycle, it is necessary to consider the frame material, shifting and brake system, wheel material and structure, and different settings will greatly affects the riding experience of the bicycle.

3,Bicycle size

Because everyone's height, body shape, weight are different, the specific size should also be considered when purchasing a bicycle. Generally speaking, each bicycle brand has a detailed bicycle size and height comparison table. There are certain differences in the comparison table between different brands. It is recommended to determine the bicycle size after offline experience.If you have higher requirements for bicycles, you can also go to offline stores to choose Fitting service - adjust the size of the bicycle and your own riding posture from a professional advice.

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