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A review Road Bike to Scott Addict 30

A review Road Bike to Scott Addict 30

January 03, 2023

A review Road Bike to Scott Addict 30

Addict is the platform for the endurance road bike product line of the Swiss brand Scott, alongside the lightweight racing Addict RC and the competitive pneumatic Foil RC.

It completes the triumvirate of carbon-framed road bikes, and recent history shows Scott has earned a reputation for impressive performance bikes – first with the Bike of the Year shortlisted Addict RC 10, and then with the highly regarded Foil RC.

Addict, on the other hand, exceeds Scott's design standards for competitive models. Of course, it also has race performance. At the same time, it has well-considered geometry, a high-quality build and smart finishing kit, and he is easy to operate but does not compromise on speed.It could prove to be all the road bike you ever need.

Scott Addict 30 specifications

The Scott Addict 30 features a full-carbon frameset, constructed using Scott’s HMF carbon layup.

HMF carbon is cheaper to manufacture, but Scott says it designs it carefully to be more compliant than the HMX and HMX-SL layups found on the Addict RC and Foil RC, while delivering a blend of stiffness and low weight.

At the Scott Foil RC launch, Scott’s engineers explained that the carbon tiers are not just designed to help bikes hit certain price points. They’re conceived in such a way as to offer the ride characteristics a model’s average rider is likely to appreciate.

Addict Frameset can also see many traces of comprehensive road bikes. There are pneumatic tube types, unlike Addict RC, which only pursue lightweight. At the same time, compared with Foil RC, the clearance of front fork tires is obviously increased, which can reduce turbulence and support wider tires. HMF carbon cloth is still used for the front fork, which is narrower at the shoulder and gradually enlarges at the lower end near the thru-axle dropout.

The down tube is markedly broad, with flattened rear sides. It flares significantly towards the BB86 press-fit bottom bracket.

The rear triangle sees dropped seatstays – a common inclusion for both aero and comfort benefit.

The frame has a full internal routing design. The wire tube enters the frame from the vertical entrance of the Syncros and is routed inside the frame. Also, Addict supports the installation of fenders.

Overall, the Addict 30 weighs in at 8.32kg, without pedals, which isn’t too shabby in a 56cm size, and with its build in mind.

Scott Addict 30 geometry

Scott Addict 30 geometry

The Addict 30 plays to its endurance tag pretty solidly, although it has some refreshingly aggressive nods without straying into race bike territory.

Notably, the reach is a comparatively long 394.3mm, made possible in part, by the long 1,015.4mm wheelbase.

On the other, the long wheelbase gives the impression that the Addict has ‘long legs’, feeling particularly stable over longer distances and poor surfaces.

The tall 593.3mm stack (the Addict features a 165mm-long head tube), in tandem with a squat 103mm stem, ensures the bars aren’t too far away or too low, but the 73-degree head tube angle is certainly race-bike steep.

The long wheelbase also enables the use of 420mm chainstays, which together should mean the Addict has good manners imbued within it.

Shorter chainstays often result in whip-like action when riding out of the saddle aggressively; lengthening them tends to calm the experience down, and that’s the case here.

Scott Addict 30 performance

compared to a Foil RC or an Addict RC, you’re slightly further away from the action thanks to the tall head tube, but the Addict frameset impresses with its ability to turn your efforts into speed.

On the flat, it glides serenely forward. It shrugs off disruptive crosswinds, yet feels efficient when moving at 30 to 35km/h – impressively so for a bike lacking a mid- or deep-section wheelset.

When you climb longer, shallower ascents, the rigidity through the bottom bracket provides a sense of efficiency when settling into a rhythm. I found it equally easy to rest on the tops of the bars and tap out a steady tempo, or get a bit keen and push out a harder effort.

All this is fortified by the 700 x 32c Schwalbe One tyres. They deserve a special mention here because their voluminous capacity helps to soften what would otherwise be a rigid ride.

Had Scott specced 28 or even 30c tyres, the Addict might have behaved with more harshness, demanding more of both the rider’s mind and body.

Additionally, the sight of 32mm-wide tyres lends confidence to your cornering. You know your contact patch is relatively squat on the road for great grip, while creases in the road surface that creep up on you feel far less significant.

Scott Addict 30 finishing kit

Scott Addict 30 finishing kit

Scott Addict 30 uses a range of parts from Syncros, a sub-brand of Scott.

The handlebars are a 420mm wide Creston 2.0 Compact, while the handlebars are a noticeably chunky 103mm RR2.0, both made of aluminium. The bend handle is comfortable for shape, while the stand is strong and can handle steering inputs easily.

The seat tube is carbon fiber Syncros RR1.2 with a diameter of 27.2mm. It feels good on paved roads, but much of the credit for shock absorption on rough roads comes down to tyre choice. The seat, which comes with Syncros Tofino Regular 2.0, has no cutout at the top, just a notch, and we were pleased with its relatively flat design.

Scott Addict 30 groupset, wheels and tyres

Scott Addict 30 groupset, wheels and tyres

Kit is Shimano 105 R7020, except the chain is KMC. KMC's X11 chain performs as well as the Shimano chain, shifting quickly and cleanly and turning between the plates smoothly and efficiently. The tooth ratio is a compact 50/34T disc and 11-32T flywheel. We are happy with this choice, not choosing the 11-34T, avoiding the jump between the excess tooth ratios and making it easier for the rider to focus on speed. Although we prefer a 52/36T disk, it is understandable to choose a 50/34T disk for difficult road conditions

The wheel set is Syncros RP2.0, features aluminum alloy wheels with 28-hole front and rear flower drums. This wheel set is not very attractive, with 19mm inside width and 24mm outside width, but stable and reliable performance, cheap maintenance. The 32C Schwalbe One outer tyre is a smart choice, and while they may be in the middle of the pack in terms of top speed, grip and puncture resistance, it's relatively good overall, the only downside is that it doesn't support vacuum tyres, of course the wheel set does, and can be replaced to achieve vacuum if you like.

Summary by Scott Addict 30

The Scott Addict 30 is an impressive endurance road bike with a high ceiling on the frame, and if you have the budget to replace a wheel set and outer tires, that's pretty good. Overall, the riding texture is hard and flexible, which is good for an endurance road bike. The 32C outer tire brings enough ground cushion. Even if it can be upgraded to vacuum tire, but still recommend 32C.
Overall, this is a great bike for club riding and long-distance riding.
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